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My gas distributor often delivers gas after both my cylinder empties and you know it is very difficult to rum home without gas and only with power. The distributors don't pick consumers calls. Please let me know where I can express my plight and get solutions. Is there any consumer forum or appellate authority for domestic LPG gas agencies?
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To lodge a complaint on your gas dealer (Bharat Gas, HP, Indane etc..), call on the tollfree number 18002333555, a customer care representative will pick up the call if the call is made between 8AM and 8PM.  Automatic interactive voice response system (IVRS) shall be used in the odd hours, however, you should be able to lodge your complaint even on IVRS.

This number is valid across the country and the service is available 24x7. Keep your consumer ID and the name of the gas agency and the location of the dealer, a pen and a pice of paper or booklet to take down the unique reference number, handy before you call.  You will be given a unique id for every complaint raised - note it down for future reference, in case your call is not resolved and want to call again.

Calls made to this number are treaded as escalation on the domestic gas distributor and so, in most cases, your problem will be resolved in 24 hours, unless you called on Saturday. If you have been waiting for days for the gas to be delivered, or if your order are cancelled automatically or any other grievances can be expressed in this call.

This number for sure works for Bharat Gas, can other confirm that this is the common number for all the gas agencies?

Talk politely and get respect and response back from the customer care executive.

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