Can wooden tiles be attached on top of vitrified tiles flooring?

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asked Jan 19, 2013 by rams (828 points)
Hi there,

I need to choose the flooring option for my new home (apartment), being built by a builder.

The builder, by default, provides vitrified flooring. Currently I still have an option to not to go with the default flooring, however, my builder deducting only Rs. 50/- per square feet as they buy vitrified tiles in bulk.

I am thinking of going ahead with vitrifiled flooring for now and later upgrade to hardwood florring. Is it possible to stick hardwood flooring tiles on top of vitrified flooring?

Please suggest.



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answered Aug 7, 2013 by anonymous

Yes. Wooden tiles, especially the self locking hardwood tiles, in fact, are easy to install on vitrified/ceramic tile floor, provided the surface of the floor is planar.

Prechecks to install wooden flooring on top of earlier flooring with tiles is given below.

Verify the subfloor

  • Subfloor is very essential for any flooring to be installed.
  • The earlier floor with ceramic tiles act as  the subfloor.
  • Ensure that the surface is plane, which usually be the case of tiled flooring - vitrified or ceramic.
  • Verify that you don't have broken tiles - replace them if there are any.

Important material required

  1. Locking hardwood floor planks
  2. Transitions and Mouldings
  3. Moisture barrier (also called a vapour barrier) -- required if the earlier flooring too moist, which is common in ground floor or cellar.
  4. Two-in-one underlayment.
  5. Expansion gaps - for the hardwood floor planks to expand

Leave the hardwood floor planks, with packets open, in the room for three days before you call the technicial, so that the planks expand to the room moisture and the room temperature. Remember that wood expands/contracts with changes in moisture and temperature.

This video explains well how the hardwood flooring is installed :