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I would like to understand the difference among Microsoft Windows RT, Windows 8 and WindowsMobile 8. What about the application compatibility?
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Microsoft Windows RT -  You can not run the standard win32 apps, like MS Word, Internet Explorer 10, Adobe Photoshop CS, Maya, 3Ds MAX, Picasa, Visual Studio, Rational Rose etc...

Microsoft Windows 8 - Windows 8 is a standard win32 (win32 is also supported on Windows-8 win64, this feature is called WoW64). That means, you can run all the above softwares in Windows-8 platforms. 

That means, in your Windows-8 tablet, you can install visual studio, Adobe Photoshop CS etc..  but, you can not install these application in  your Windows-RT Tablet. 

However, windows RT supports Apps that are specially developed for windows mobile platforms. (Windows Application Store).


Which means, Windows-8 is definitely better than Windows-RT.

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