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Any tips and tricks for car driving? Any recommendations for beginners?
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Learning a car is quite simple - you just follow these steps. However, if you do not drive carefully, driving a car can prove fatal not only to you, but also co-passengers and the passers by.

  1. Set a goal. Do not learn driving just for the sake of a driving license. Learn a car to really drive it and enjoy the learning. 
  2. A structured learning is a civilized way of learning. Join a driving school. Maruthi is known for its structured way of learning. They have theory, simulation before jumping into onroad practice. 
  3. Learn it regularly. On and off learning will just increase the time to learning by many folds. Some irregular learners take months or even years to learn, where as most regular learners take just 10 days to drive on their own. 
  4. Choosig the car:The car you use to learn driving almost doesn't matter especially if you are in a city or a town where roads are good. However, if the roads where you learn the car is not good, prefer a small car (hatch back) unless you are going to own a sedan (a long car) or an SUV.
  5. Difficult things in learning a car (see below)- Make sure that you learn all of them before you leave the driving school.
  6. Using clutch and gear seamlessly: you need to practise these two things 100s or even thousands of times so you don't need to use your brain to change your gear. It should happen without any effort from your brain. You need to give 99% focus to see who is on the road ahead of you, beside you and behind you. You need to notice the paedestrians, the animals (especially in India - no matter Mumbai, Bangalore or New Delhi).
  7. Climbing up: learn to climb up, especially from speed-zero.
    • Till 20 degrees uphill, learn to manage without using handbrake.
    • 20 degress and above, you may take assistance of your handbrake. Steps: 0) Ensure that there is nobody and no vehicles infront of the car for at least a couple of meters 1) Engage your handbrake and hold it with your left hand, with your left thumb on the release lever (DO NOT RELEASE untill I say) 2) Full clutch  3) Keep right foot on accelerator (DO NOT PUSH until I say)  4) Gentle acceleration - Gently push the accelerator 5) Release hand break quickly and immediatly release clutch - not too fast not too slow. 
  8. Reversing the car - Reversing the car is extremely useful for parking backwards. Since steering controls front wheels, parking backwards is extremely useful, especially in parking lots, when there are two cars already parked and you have one car-space in between them. In this scenario, parking it straigh forward is difficult if the gap between rows of parked cars (the turning space) is less.
  9. Overtaking a vehicle: Overtaking is not really required unless someone is at hospital in a critical condition wants to meet you urgently or you are a doctor :) . If you are driving a less powerful car i.e., an 80 BHP hatchback or a 100 BHP sedan, you might want to downshift your gear (reduce the gear number) to gain pickup that need for overtaking.  But if you are already above 60kmph and want to overtake, do not downshift the gear - that will slowdown your car.
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