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Provide some safety instructions using debit cards and credit cards.
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Below are important safety guidelines to using credit card safely

  1. Avoid disclosing credit card numbers to friends, relatives etc. unless they are in real need. What is the real need? :)
  2. Sign the card with your full-signature immediately after you receive your card.
  3. Never leave your credit card number on any discussion forum etc..
  4. CVV number is the number used for verification of authenticity and is very confidencial number. Never disclose this number to someone over phone, even if the person claims to be from the bank. 
  5. Erase the CVV number from your card. You can easily scracth it off with a kitchen knife or a swiss knife. Do not forget to write down the CVV number somewhere on your book. CVV number written in a book is better than CVV number on the card itself :)
  6. Do not transact online at unknown (to you) payment gateways. 
  7. If  you trust the payment gateway, check the spelling of the payment gateway website. There should not be any typos in the name of the website. (or else it could be a phishing attack).
  8. Reduce your credit limit by calling the bank. So, this will help you in case you lost your card. 
  9. In case you do not find your card, block the card immediately, even if you believe you did not lose your card. 
  10. Clear bills on time to avoid heptic fines. Remember that if you do not pay bill in full, interest will be charged form the day of purchase. 
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