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What is the typical salary paid to a software engineer in the USA? Will there be any discrimination in terms of salary paid to the Americans and the foreigners? How much tax should be paid in the USA? What will be the take home salary?

How do people transfer money to home country, say India? What is the brokerage charge while transfering money to India (ie., converting money from USD to Rupees)?
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The salary paid to Software Engineers in the USA depends on how much experience the candidate has.

A fresher or an entry level software engineer, with experience no greater than 12 months, would typically make USD 40,000 USD to  60,000 USD per annum (i.e., 24,00000 to 36 lakhs in Indian Rupees). The salary is generally revised every year, during the process of apprisal. The salary hike can be anywhere between 3000$ per annum to 4000$ per annum.

So, a five year experienced guy would, on a higher side, say 90 percentile, would earn a salary of 80,000$ per annum. However, the average salary for a 5 year experienced developer would be around 70,000 USD.

If you are working for a large MNC, you can expect to be paid between 50000 $  and 80,000 $ as a starting salary for a fresher software engineer.  However, a US state employer might pay as high as 90,000 USD.

Foreigners in the USA

Most of those engineers who migrate to USA, generally for better salaries and better life, go through consultancies. Even though they get higher salaries, a portion (20% to as high as 50%) of their salary would be taken away by the consultants, at least for the first 2-4 years, ie., during their contract period. However, once the contract terminates, they find a job in the USA on their own and live a freelancer life.

Most people who go to the USA with the mindset that they would return to home country after making good amount of money in 5 years do not return. This is due to several factors.  They get used to the life in the USA. Some people, once get married and have childern, can't return to home country, question the availability of the infrastructure there.  A few people can't just live with less salary that they would otherwise get in the home country.

These are just pointers for you to get an overall idea of the salary levels in the USA, especially for the software engineers.

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