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I stay in Bangalore (India) and my help is not very regular. I am thinking to buy a dishwasher so that I can reduce one dependency and I though it would be helpful for my maid too, so that she will have less work to do at my home.

My doubts are,

  1. Is dishwasher hygiene? Can I directly use the plates and utensils straight away from dishwasher? Is there a need to wash the plates again just before using?
  2. What kind of utensils can I wash with dishwasher? To be specific, can I wash milk pots, tea kettles, frying pans, rice cookers with dish washer?
  3. Which model/make is suitable for Indian kitchen?
  4. Can I install dishwasher below the kitchen slab?
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Dishwashers wash everything except that vessels that are burnt. That is the cases where your food is burnt. In all other normal cases, you just need to keep your dishes on the trays of the dishwashes in inverted fashion so the water jets splash hot water into the inner sides of the vessels.

Most dishwashers contain two trays to keep dishes, of which the below one is mainly to big vessels, like kadai, etc., while the upper tray is to keep plates, cups, drinking glasses etc. Some expensive dishwashes, which are above rupees 70 thousand have even three trays to keep your vessels. But you should note that 3 tray dishwashers are bulkier than the others.

How healthy & hygenic are the dishwashers

Dishes in dishwasher are washed with pressurized hot, sopy water splashed onto to the inside of the vessels arranged on trays.  The temperature of the hot water can be adjusted, and is 70 degrees in general. If you take little expensive dishwasher, you can choose better washing modes.

Dishwasher suitability for Indian kitchen

Almost all popular brands are suitable for Indian kitchen, becaue all these dishwers have provision to keep bigger vessels for washing such as fried pans, which are mandatory in India, since lots of friend food is used.

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I bought a Bosch dishwasher for 39K, as we hate to wash dishes with hands. It has two trays. At a time, I can keep around 15 plates and some 6 glases, and vessels like milk pot, rasam pot and spoons etc..
The dishwasher gave us  excellent results with "Finish brand" dishwasher power. We buy this powered in MK-Ahmed as suggested by the technician who installed the machine.
In the economy mode, it takes just 12L of water to wash the entire load, but we often use 70 degree Celsius mode, which might take a couple of more liters of water.

In my opinion, wasting time in washing dishes is like wasting our lives. Get rid of manual time wasting work.
Its really good and useful information,my personal opinion is bosch, Thanks for sharing this blog,keep updating such useful information