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This time I will defintely want to vote for the right candiate in my locality. Please explain me what shold be my voting crieteria.

Please let me know what all the qualities should I look for in the candidate to be voted for.
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Choosing the right candidate in an assembly election is essential for the development of your locality and thus, when choosen good candidates in all localities of India, one can see India developing at a rapid stage.

Crieteria to Look for:

There is no good people in the world. So, you can only choose a neutral candidate, who is not bad.

Important points tha a Citizen must know:

  • Do not vote by parties. If a party is good and your local candidate is not good, it is of no use choosing him.
  • Prefer to vote for a good human being, no matter which party he/she represents, or even independent.  

You can elminate half of the candidates contesting in your locality just by rejecting bad guys.

Eliminating Former MLAs:

Do not vote for a candidate if he/she has one or two or more of the below qualities.

  • Do not choose a candidate, who could not help develop your locality in the past, being elected as an MLA.
  • Avoid former MLAs those demanded bribes or indirectly indicated that bribing is natural.
  • Avoid former MLAs who misused power and biased towards his relatives or friends. For MLAs, all the citizens are alike and he should strive for group benifits than personal or individual benefits.
  • Candidates who did not spend much money for canvasing. Those candidates who spend crores and give liquer or money to votes for voting is a corrupted candiate. You, your family, especially your kids are never going to get benefited from such candidates. 
  • Has two or more criminal cases against them (but not convicted yet). India is big. Choose a candidate with clean history.
  • Convicted in the past for any criminal offence. 

Good qualities to look for:

Basically, if you eleminte the bad, you will be left with good candidates. If you have more than one shortlisted assembly/parliament candidates, it means, India is improving. Vote for one of them. 

  • Well educated and humble human beings.
  • Has a  track record of developments (in his former roles)
  • Good at managment and demonstrates leadership skills.
  • Has good mass communication skills. 
  • Who uses technology to perform and deliver his work efficiently.


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