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How did the Spanish train crash? What was the speed of the train when it crashed? What are the findings out of it? Any lessions learnt out of this crash?
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The train crashed while it was approachign a curve, several kilo meters away from the next station. The high speed of the train seems to be the cause of the train crash in Spain on 24th July 2013.

According to reports, the driver statement says that the train was runnign at a speed of 180 kmph while the speed limit for the curve is 80 kmph. The root cause why the train was running at that high speed of 180kmph is yet to be investigated. However, the routine inspection of the train did not discover/reveal any mulfunctioning parts of the trai


The train, while it was about to take the sharp 90 degree turn, the 1st car of the train derailed and rammed to the wall. The second part of the train, ie., the 3rd and 4th compartments did not take the turn and they rushed upside the flyover, just stopped infront of one of the homes of the neighbourhood residents.

The CCTV footage of how the spanish train crashed can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o32nxuHshv4

The driver of the train, who has 30 years of driving experience, has been arrested on 27th July, after finding clues in Facebook where he often posted that he drives at 200kmph regularly.

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