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My native language is Tamil. I wanted to know which service provider has more Tamil channels. More HD channels are better.
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There are no Tamil native HD channels available in Tata Sky, Dish TV and AirtelTV.

However, few English HD channels are available with Tamil audio language, such as Discovery, National Geographic Channel. Since HD consumes around 4 to 5 times bandwidth compared to an SD channel, it is not very profitable for the companies to provide Tamil, Telugu or any other language channels with fewer viewers.

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I think, all South Indians should bet on Digital Cable operators such as Hathway, DEN etc.
Since, the cable bandwidth is huge and the cost for bandwidth is nill (only one-time cost to buy cable and the signal boosters), a digital cable operator will be able to provide many HD Channels.
But, I think, hathway is also stuck with MPEG2 standard for SD channels, which eats up some extra bandwidth.

We are planning to move to our new and own house, so, we are thinking of a cable option, because of two reasons -1) bandwidth thus more HD channels (at least in future) 2) A single cable is sufficient to power any number of STBs in the home, even for DVR (ie. with recording).
Probably Hathway which is the market leader in Cable segment.
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HD Channels in Hathway

Hathway has around 8 HD channels as of the mid-year 2014. Below are the list of them. However, the number of HD channels and availability of each of them might vary based on location. For example, some regional HD channels like, Hindi, might not be available in some southern States. 

HD Channels In hathway.
Colors HD

Channel 371


Channel 368

Sony HD





Channel 374




Channel 385

Discovery HD

Channel 387

History HD

Channel 386

Ten HD

Channel 365

Baby TV HD

Channel 391



These are the HD channels available in Hathway as of May 2014.

To know the HD Channels as of today, click here.  

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