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If i have 2 yrs experience but i am getting only 10,000 per month then if i trying outside then how much i want in my expectation?
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you should switch company you can get much more  package compare to your  privious pacakage it is one option for growth your life t han you will get something package after one year again switch your company then you will satisfied your job bcs you will reach at your destination

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As of 2013 August, the salary in an IT industry for a guy having software development (or testing) experience of 2 years can get anything between Rs. 4,00000/- per annum to 6,00,000/- per annum, for mid-range companies like, TCS, Infosys,  Wipro and other consultancy companies.

Startup companies generally don't pay you as salary but they might offer you shares (options) in their company, so if the employees perform well and if the company does well, you can expect decent returns in the long run.

But big companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc., can pay you as high as 12,00,000/- for 2 years experience.
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