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Now that we have high-rise apartments, well formed layouts and gated communities, it is good to have metered domestic LPG pipelines to the apartment directly, so that consumers can enjoy hassle free services and save on the refilling delays and transport expenses.

When will the domestic LPG pipeline service be available in India? If there is a forecast from the government, kindly let me know the dates/years, the facility available in cities, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkota and Bangalore.
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Currently, gas distribution to individual homes or even to high-rise buildings is not possible due to lack of infrastructure. Most of the liquefied petroleum gas is being shipped in cylinders. Once, the companies move towards LPG transport though pipelines, only then domestic LPG distribution through pipes is possible. All this might take at least 10 to 15 years. But, yes, it all should start with New Delhi, then Mumbai, Kolkota, Bangalore and Hyderabad and it will be available in the cities first, then 50 to 100 years down the line, it may be expanded to towns and villages. Don't be surprised by the numbers, this is amount of time we are lagging behind compared to develped countries, with respect to infrastructure.

Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) once such large company involved in the gas processing and distribution. It has a very big pipeline of over 5000km across India, connecting many Cities and gas production locations. As you can see, 5000Km is nothing for Indian Subcontinent. Source: Gail at Wiki

Distribution of domestic LPG using pipeline has several advantages. This will reduced transport costs, once the infrastructure break-in happens and also we will have pollution free distribution. The billing for LPG gas pipeline connection is done through meters installed at homes and it can be based on slab-system billing, so the more you use the more you pay.

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Some high-rise apartments in India, for example, Aparna Sarovar or Ramky Towers in Hyderabad, has gas pipeline connections to their apartments. That means, the individual residents need not apply for gas connection, but gas is supplied to all the apartments through pipelines, with a meter arranged at Individual homes.

However, the source of this gas is a centralized gas station within the premises or close to the premises. The gas station might a huge gas tank or a pool of domestic gas cylinders.

Some of the apartments having a domestic gas pipeline connection get subsidy as other retail domestic customers get the same.
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