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I was upgrading my Ubuntu to a higher version, but in between, due to some reasons, the laptop was powered off (I was not around at the time of Ubuntu shutdown/sudden power off).

Before I wanted to re-attempt the update, I wanted to check whether previous upgrade was successful. How do I check the current running version of Ubuntu?
It would be great if there is a simple command line option to check the version of Ubuntu.
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There are two major varieties in linux kernels, Server and Desktop.

To know if the system is server, use the command uname -a to know if the system is using a server kernel or a desktop kernel. 

To know the version of the Ubuntu, use below command at a terminal prompt.

cat /etc/issue

This command will give an output such as Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, or Ubuntu 13.10.

LTS expands to long term support. 12.04 LTS is supported until the year 2017.

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How long will Ubuntu 12.04 LTS version be supported?