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I want change my mobile, kindly provide me some tips choosing a good smart phone to buy.Which brand should I choose?
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I am not sure what you meant by expecting from a smartphone.

Below guidelines will help you choose what you should pick.

  • If you like to flaunt the hardware specs - buy an Android - don't complain about performance.
  • If you like to enjoy all features of a smart-phone, buy an iPhone - don't complain about specs.
  • If you like to have a long lasting battery, buy a Windows phone - don't compalin about availability of apps
  • If you like to enjoy the stylish design, buy an HTC - don't complain about strength
  • If you like to enjoy the communication experience and call quality, buy a Blackberry - don't complain about cost & specs
  • If you like to care for your mobile and protect with all bulky casings, buy a Samsung, don't complain about looks
  • If you don't like to spend much but want feature, buy a Micromax, Karbonn, but don't expect light-weight, quality and durability.

Hope these phone buying tips help you buy your next mobile. Feel free to comment and ask questions.


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