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I am thinking of going for a home-loan and looking at SBI schemes.
What is State Bank of India's rate of interest for home loan? How much is it higher than fixed deposit rate of interest? Also explain me the base-rate funda.
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SBI Home Loans Interest Rates (Jan 2017)

What is SBI Term Loan?

SBI provides two types of Home Loans

  1. Term Loan
  2. Max Gain Loan

Term loan is traditional loan. Term loan is something in which you will get a dedicated loan-account where you can only deposit money but never be able to withdraw. The deposites include EMIs and amount that you want to pre-pay.

What is Max Gain loan?

With SBI Max Gain loan, you will get a dedicated loan-account, where you credit your EMIs. However, any excess money that you have can be deposited into this account, so that your effective loan-balance will reduce till the time you won't withdraw the excess amount. This loan is also called an Over draft loan account, however, over-draft operation is slightly different from normal operation.

For example, Your outstanding loan amount = 30L.
Suppose, you parked Rs 10L, in your bank account for one full month. So, the interest for the month would be only on 20L (ie., 30L - 10L).

Below are the SBI Rate of Interest as of 1st January 2017.

Home Loan Home Loan Home Loan
 Max Gain
Floating Rate
CRE Max gain irrespective of loan amount
2 years Fixed Interest Loans upto Rs. 30 lacs Floating Rate < Rs.75 lacs Floating Rate
> Rs.75 lacs
 20 lacs to 75 lacs   > Rs.75 Lacs

Woman Borrower

(or joint with at least one woman borrrower)

Fixed for first 2 years = 8.50% f

Floating rates there after

8.60% p.a.

(1yr MCLR + 0.6%)

8.65% p.a.

(1yr MCLR + 0.66%)

8.75% p.a.

(1yr MCLR + 0.75%)

8.95% p.a.

(1yr MCLR + 0.95%)

9.05% p.a.

(1yr MCLR + 1.05%)

Men & Others

Fixed for first 2 years = 8.55% f

Floating rates there after

8.65% p.a.

(1yr MCLR + 0.65%)

8.7% p.a.

(1yr MCLR + 0.7%)

8.8% p.a.

(1yr MCLR + 0.8%)

9% p.a.

(1yr MCLR + 1.0%)

9.61% p.a.

(1yr MCLR + 1.10%)

What is MCLR? 

MCLR Means: Marginal Cost of fund based Lending Rate.  SBIs 1 year MCLR: 8% as of 1st January 2017 .

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SBI's current rate of interest (as of 25th December) is 10.5 percent per annum, for home loans upto 75 lakhs. There is a discount of 0.15% for woman applicants or in case of joint applicant, the primary applicant must be a woman, while the co-applicant can be woman or man.
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Rate of interest for Citizens of India, in SBI, for fixed deposite is 

9.0% per annum, when invested for more than 365 days, which is just less than %0.75 percent, since fixed deposit is not compunded on monthly basis. Senior citizens (age of 60 years or above) enjoy additional interest benefit of 0.25% per annum.

Complete charts for various SBI fixed deposit tenures are given here in this link.

SBI Home loan interest Rates:

Current base rate of SBI is 10%  (as of December 2013).

Homeloan interest for loans below 75 lakhs, is Baserate + 0.15% = 10.15% per annum.

For SBI home loans that are above 75 lakhs, the interest rate is  baserate + 0.3% = 10.3% per annum.

Women bankers can enjoy an additional discount of just 0.05% on their home loans. In case of joint loan accouts, in order to enjoy this discount benefit, the primary applicant must be a woman. 

SBI Car Loan interest rates:

The rate of interest for SBI car loans is 0.75% above baserate, that is 10.75% per annum.

Interest rate for bikes (two wheelers):

Interest rate for bikes is ridiculously high in SBI, which is 8.25% above base rate, which is 18.25% per annum, which is more than 1.5% per months. 

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