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I am an account and I work in finance department. Since, I deal with financial stuff, I often need to type Rupee symbol in documents. I am facing lots of inconvenience in typing Rupee symbol. in fact, I am unable to type rupee symbol.
Could you please assist me in this?
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Indian government had conducted a contest to design a Rupee symbol that reflect the Indian scripts and culture. The symbol had been choosen the best and had been made official in the mid of year 2010. Though this symbol doesn't gel with most of the Indian languages, is perfect for Hindi and goes will with all Devanagari scripts - Sanskrit, Hindi and most north Indian languages whose baseline is on the top and characters are drawn like hanging fruits :)  Just kidding.

The Unicode value for this symbol is U+20B9 (ie, hex value of 20B9 and decimal value of 8377). Kindly note this code is not same as the Unicode for the older symbol that resembles the two English characters Rs. Thus this new symbol is supposed to replace all older regional language specific symbols as shown below.

09F2 ৲  bengali rupee mark
09F3 ৳ bengali rupee sign
0AF1 ૱ gujarati rupee sign
0BF9 ௹ tamil rupee sign

How to type

Alt + 8377  (Press and hold left alt key and type in 8377 and release the alt key.


In case of HTML - ie, if you are filling an HTML form or if you are blogging, you could use the code ₹ to represent Indian Rupee Symbol in a webpage or blog.

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