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Cyclone Phailin Helpline Numbers

0674-2534177  for Odisha Central Control Room (Emergency) - Call this number to seek people require emergency help from the Army and other personnel.

040-23456005 (or) 040-23451043 Fax-040-23451819 for Andhra Pradesh central control room

District control room helpline numbers for Cyclone Phailin

  • 06811-263978 Ganjam,
  • 06815-222943 Gajapati,
  • 06752-223237 Puri,
  • 06792-252759 Mayurbhanj,
  • 06728-222648 Jajpur,
  • 06762-221376 Dhenkanal,
  • 06755-220002 Khurda,
  • 06766-255437 Keonjhar,
  • 0671-2507842 Cuttak,
  • 06727-232803 Kendrapara,
  • 06724-220368 Jagatsinghpur,
  • 06782-262674 Balasore,
  • 06784-251881 Bhadrak.

Important Information

People living in costal areas of Ganjam, Gajapati, Srikakulam and Puri districts are requested to evacuate on their own before the noon of Saturday, 12th October.

Phailin Satellite AnimationCyclone Phailin seems to be the strongest Cyclone affectng Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh.  The cyclone is expected to cross the coast of AP and Odisha between Kalingapatnam and Paradip, near to Gopalpur of Odisha by 6pm today. Apart from Gajapati, Ganjam and Puri districts of Odisha, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Vizag, the North costal districts of Andhra Pradesh are also expected to be affected.

Winds are expected at a speed of 205 Km/h to 260 Km/h, gusting to 315 Km/h.

Max speed by early morning of 12th October 2013 is 265 kilo meter per hour is expected.

Image Source: Phailin's Satellite Tracker

► Bulliten from Govt of India -  (PDF)

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The cyclone expected to hit costal Odisha, near Gopalpur at 6PM on 12 October 2013. More than 1.3 crore people will be affected because of the cyclone. Cyclone Phailin is would be stronger than 1999's super-cyclone of Odisha, which then killed over 10,000 people.

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Here is the list of shelters provided by disaster management team of govt of India, where you can find your nearest shelter.

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Odisha Cyclone of 1999

The cyclone that hit Odisha (formerly called Orissa) killed 9,803 people (official figure), though around 45,000 people are believed to be dead. The strength, course and nature of the 1999's cyclone was almost same as Phailin, which is raising concerns that Philing could be as devastating as the one on 1999.

See more information on 1999 cyclone.

*There was no naming of Cyclones before 2012 in India.




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