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Buying guide:

  1. Few guys are selling expensive items for very cheap (eg 1.5lakh worth macbook for 20K. Dont transfer money to them unless you receive the item - no token advances please)
  2. Onkyo etc. home theatres - don't buy them if the WARRANTY lapses. Paying more than 25% of cost of new one is waste without warranty. Most chips get heated up and get damaged, especially in tropical (hot) countries like India. Remember that you are buying a used item that the owner doesn't want it.
  3. Do not buy HT systems that do not have HDMI inputs and output.
  4. Home theatres not certified by THX etc are not good for music listening. Their THD values are very high, such as 5 to 10% distortion.
  5. Carry a hard-disk and a pend-drive with different video formats, such as mpeg2, mpeg-4, div-x, wmv, mp3 etcetra.
  6. Sound: One important point that you note is some of the home-theatre systems do not support DTS but they support only Dolby Digital.  What is the difference between DTS and Dolby Digital? - Simple, DTS offers higher-quality (with minimal compression) where as Dolby offers good compression with lose of quality.  But, it matters even if you are not an audio-phile. SOme of the movies come only in DTS encoded. If your HTS doesn't support DTS, you will not be able to listen to the audio of such copies.
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The fact that Home-threatre amplifiers and circuitry emits significant heat and many consumers conceal their HTS in a closed cabinet with little ventilation, it is always good to check for the functionality of the HTS before you really buy. It is good to watch a movie for an hour and then see if everything still works and all channels give consistent output.

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Do not go by PMPO (peak mean power output), it is a mis-leading unit. Go by RMS (root mean square) wattage.

Check the frequency range. Good range is 20KHz to 40KHz.

You can't really go by specs. but you have to experience the sound quality. Go to a multibrand showroom, such as Chroma, Reliance Digital, so Unibrand outlets and experience Hometheatre systems of various makes before making a buying choice.

A THX certified HTS would be a good one.

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