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My employer issued me a new MacBook Pro 15" Retina, with 512GB and 16GB RAM. It had been reimaged with my company's OS X 10.8.2 image with all company apps in it. Companies reimage it to avoid time spent installing all basic solftware. So, MS Office 2011, etc... are pre installed in my Mac. I have used the laptop for couple of days and the performance of 2.7GHz Quadcore processor and the new SSD was impressive.

When I tried to install XCode from Mac AppStore, it gave an error XCode 5 is not supported on your version of OS X (10.8.2). Please upgrade to OS X version 10.8.5 or later and try again. So, I decided to update my OS, through AppStore. This update is anyway free, because I am already using OS X Mountain Lion. I clicked "update" and it started updating and the projected time was around 1 hour, so I have left the place for a cup of coffee.

When I returned after around an hour, it displayed "The software update is complete and it requires a reboot". I pressed "reboot".

To my surprise, few (10-15) seconds after reboot, immediatly after the bootup chime, the kernel crashed with Kernel Panic Error. I tried to reboot many times, with power-cord disconnected, and waiting for 5mins in powered off state etc.. but no luck.  I tried to recover the system with Command-R (simultaneously holding Command and R keys during bootup) but it only showed up blank white screen for ever. It never booted to the recovery mode. But, when I looked at Apple website, it was mentioned that there is a recovery partion always there. So, I googled and found, thanks to macrumers.com a suggestion, which is to hold "Option" key alone during bootup. Holding down the option key during boot up worked!! This gave me an option to choose the hard-drive volume for bootup. That means, as mentioned in Apple website, there exists a recovery volume. So, I was presented two volumes, "Macintosh HD" and "Recovery". Tried Macintosh HD again -- just to give a try, but again, no luck. So, I chose recovery in subsequent boots. Since, MacBook Pro Retina - Early 2013 version doesn't have an ethernet connection, it poped up "wireless set up" options, so, I was able to choose my Wi-Fi hotspot. To my surprise, good work apple, you can browse the internet through the recovery options. Safari was fully functional in the recovery mode. This really helped my trouble shooting where I could read some online discussion forums and expert advice on this subject. 

In the recovery options, I tried repair disk and fix permissions. None of the options worked. So, I though I will now try internet recovery.

Before I try this, could someone tell me how long it will take for the internet recovery. Is it safe to do internet recovery, especially, if the connection gets disconnected in between? How much data would be downloaded during this recovery process? Will be data be safe if I choose internet recovery?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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It takes around 1:30 hours for the internet recovery to complete, which includes the time to download packages and the time to install the software.

Option key is located at the bottom left - 3 key from the left.If you are not able to go to the recovery options by hitting Command-R during booting, the next option available to you is to use the option key during bootup. Press the power key and immediately press the option key and hold it untill you see the recovery screen. The option key, as shown in the picture is the 3rd key from the bottom left.

Once the recovery options pop-up, choose your Wi-Fi settings to connect to internet and then choose internet recovery option.

The good thing is internet recovery option does not erase your personal files as well as programs. It will only update the Mac OS X software to the latest version available, which is "Mountain Lion" as of now, but this can be Mavericks if you do upgrade after 2013 November and you had already bought Mavericks.

All your programs will be intact.   But, I warn you to take back up of all your files before you do this (I don't know how you do this, when you have problem booting up you machine :P).

It will first download the OS, which will take around 30min to 1 hour or even faster or slower depending on the server speed and your broadbank speed. Once the stuff is downloaded, the packages will automatically be installed and you will be asked to reboot the machine, or else it will automatically reboot in 10 seconds.

Be sure to connect your charger and keep charging your Mac, since you don't want to screwup your system again due to silly reason of zero battery.

Please do comment if this solved your problem.




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