How to capture a screenshot in Mac?

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asked Oct 20, 2013 by John Cutts
I was working on something and all of a sudden, it was required for me to capture a screenshot so I can share it with someone? Kindly let me know how to capture a screenshot in Mac, especially the early 2013 Macbook air model.

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1 Answer

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answered Dec 1, 2013 by Mac Lover
selected Dec 1, 2013 by rams
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To capture  a screenshot in a Mac or MacBook Pro, you need not open and run any application explicitly. 

  1. Just make sure that application you want to cover in the screen shot is running and it is showing the content you require.
  2. To capture the entire desktop with all visible applictions (ie., WYSIWYG desktop screenshot), press 3, while holding down Shift + Command simultaniously.
  3. To capture a screenshot of a window,
    1. press 4, while holding down Shift + Command keys simultaniously. The mouse pointer will become a crossbar displaying the current co-ordinates. Ignore the co-ordinates, becasue you want to capture a window-screenshot
    2. Now place the mouse pointer on the window which you want to capture. The window will be highted in some blue tine or any other color depending on your theme settings. 
    3. Hit the Space bar to catpure the screenshot of the window being highlighted. 
  4. Capturing Screenshot of an arbitrary area on your screen
    1. press 4, while holding down Shift + Command keys simultaniously. The mouse pointer will turn to a cross-bar, with co-ordinates of the cursor displayed. 
    2. Now carefully identify the area you want to capture and select the area with drag and drop actions - the normal area select operation - mouse-click at the top-left location, drag the pointer to the bottom right location and release the mouse key.
  5. In all the types of screenshots, as shown in steps 2, 3 and 4, your screenshot will be placed on your desktop whose name will be [Screen Shot ] <date> <time>.png