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Once I connected to my neighbor's wireless network (with their permission, of course) and I don't want to use it any more. But, my Macbook pro with OS X Mavericks is often connecting to it. I am new to Mac, so could help me figure out how to delete this Wi-Fi network from the list of known networks so that I can prevent in Mac this automatic connection of unwanted wireless network?
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It is possible to forget a wireless network in Mac. All you need to do is remove the SSID that you do not want to be connected automatically from the list of wireless network history, as explained below. 

  1. Go to "System Preferences".  --- or just hit Command + SpaceBar together and type in "System Preferences" in the search filed that had poped up and choose "System Preferences" application.
  2. Click on Network --- or just type in "network" and hit enter
  3. Clieck on Advanced...
  4. Click on Wi-Fi tab, so that the list of previously connected Wi-Fi networks will be displayed
  5. Click on the network name to select a network to be delted.
  6. Click on - (minus)  in the [+|-] button
  7. Clieck on [OK] to dismiss the popup
  8. Click on [Apply] to save the changes

Now, the deleted wi-fi network will never be connected automatically, untill you again connect to it manually.

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