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I want to be a software engineer. But I am confused which degree should I pursue either Computer Science or Computer Engineering.plz help me ..
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Great, it all depends on your interest. First of all you should know the differences between Computer Science (CS) and Computer Engineering (CE) so you can easily decide what is good for you based on your interests.
Computer Science is more about study and research of algorithms, formal language and automata theory, study of numbers, analysing the performance of various algorithms and their limitations. Study of various programming languages and methodologies - AI languages - it is not about how to write code, but how different are the languages. CS is related to science - scientist - research. If your interest is in Mathematics, research in finding how things work and how the same can be improved, Computer Science is the subject you should choose.
Computer Engineering is about building the hardware, software or both. An engineer builds things. In this discipline, you will learn about building various systems - networking - routers, topologies, designing and building chips (VLSI) and software development for the systems. You will also learn various types of computing technologies - cloud, destributed systems. At the end of this course, you will be able to build large software/hardware systems. If your interests are in Physics (say electronics), Chemistry (useful in lithography) and Mathematics,  or if your aim is to build software applications, Computer Engineering is the stream you should choose. 
While Computer Science is research-like (which scientis do), Computer Engineering is about development, ie., building things.
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