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I understand your intentions, LOL

I am not really sure, what you meant by producing software. Generally, not all software engineers directly produce code (that is, few Software Engineers might not write code). Few engineers, as they gain experience, they help other budding engineers develop software. Few engineers do the design where coding might not be involved at all.

And yes, there will few software engineers neither produce code nor help the team produce code. The salary for such persons might be same as other engineers in the beginning, but eventually their hikes will be diminished and they might not get yearly hike at all. It all depends on the company and the reporting manager. Few consultancy companies need head count, so they can bill the customers. So, out of a team of 10 that a consultancy company bills its custmers, a 20% engineers might fall under the category whom you are referring to. Since, these candidates are also important, they might get salary, almost same as the ones who really produce software :)

Regarding the salary in figures, you can refer to this link.


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