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I am yet to buy an HD Box. So, I am thing to upgrade my standard-definition box to an HD one.

I want to view the HD channels in the best quality. I am considering Airtel and TataSky as of now. BTW, which one of these two service providers deliver good HD quality.

I understand that few broadcasters are squeezing out everypossible compression option of MPEG4.

Kindly help me choose a better one so I will not have to run-around the guys and complaining of lack of quality.
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Tata Sky delivers much superior quality than that of Airtel TV.

It is very rare that a TV showroom uses Airtel TV to showcase their HD TVs. It is very difficult to impress the customers with Airtel HD Channels. You always find TV showrooms showcasing TataSky HD channels because it works for them.

If you find both AirtelTV and TataSky being showcased somewhere, you can clearly identify that the quality of HD channels in Tata Sky is much better than that in Airtel TV

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I can now see that TataSky had added many HD Channels after the switchover of all legacy south indian STBs to MPEG4. The new channels include Telugu Gemini HD and Tamil HD Channel