Top 10 Mac applications one must have

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asked Jan 25, 2014 by Swapna
I have bought a Mac recently and I am forced to search on web everytime I need a new applications and it is hard to find one that I need. I would like to install all useful apps at once. Can you list down most useful apps that I should install in Mac to start with?

Spam-free and free Mac application are prefered!

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answered Jan 25, 2014 by anonymous


GIMP is like Adobe Photoshop, but GIMP is OpenSource, that means you can use the application for free, even for commercial purpose. 

Now the popular image processing application GIMP is available in Mac natively. You don't need to install any X11 wrapper. Download GIMP at


TextWrangler is a text editor similar to Notepad++.  No, notepad++ is not available for Mac. 

Picasa: download from Google.Com

Microsoft OneNote - can be downloaded from AppStore

I also use Chrome, Eclipse and Firefox on my Mac.