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Answer is applicable only to Indian Software Engineers.

Software development involves constant learning as the requirements change and the technologies change. The responbilities increase with experience. So, most (90%) of the software developers will be afraid to code after 10 years of experience.  A 10% leave job, of which most of them are Women. Remaining try to become a manager/team-leader (not "tech" leader) or become an Architect and provide solutions and around 50% do take a manager role or an architect role. 40% of software developers continue to code. In some companies the designation might cange  to Technical Leader or Senior Senior Senior Software Engineer or something like that just for the sake of it – this happens in consulting companies like TCS, Infy, Accenture, Wipro etc. But in companies like Google, Cisco, Amazon, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook – the designation will continue to be just "Software Development Engineer" or a "Software Engineer".

A softare engineer, generally gets married and bring forth some babies by the time they are 10-15 years of experience. They generally buy a Car. A 50% of them buy a home. 50% live their life instead of lossy committments like own home.

Disclosure: I have an experience of around 9 years. I worked for Amazon and Cisco.


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