How is Quality of Godrej Modular Kitchens?

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Godrej Interio Modular Kitchens and Wardrobes

Godrej Interio has Modular Kitchens as well as wardrobes and other furniture.

Godrej does deal with steel modular kitchens, however, they also provide MDF solutions as well.

I have seen steel modular kitchens,  in their showroom located at Marathahalli, Bangalore, where the doors of the drawers are made of MDF and all internal stuff is made of steel, which I think would last for years (10 to 20 years). However, one of the co-visitors mentinoed to me that, the moisture in the kitchen might make them get rust easily. I don't rule out this fact but this is a baseline statement without a proof. However, I fogot to check with the showroom guys whether the steel is rust proof.

Similar I saw one ice-land module in the showroom, the skeleton was all made of steel, the top platform was made of granite and the doors were made of MDF. It did not sound wow, but the durability (I guess it should) and light-weightness might make it a wow.

Their steel wardrobs are excellent and to  my surprise they provide the top-row (loft) as well. For one room, it is costed me about Rs. 100,000/- INR.

You can visit their website for updated list of catalog. -

Disclaimer: I am a customer of Godrej Interio and I got the wardrobs of all three bedrooms got done by them.


I just went through their website and found that they provide GI kitchens.

GI is Galvanized Iron, the same material that is used to make the plumbing metal pipes, which never get rust inspite of fully water environment.

Please do leave a comment if you own any Godrej Modular Kitchen or Wardrob so that it migth be helpful for the fellow readers. Be genuine, good or bad.