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Godrej Interio Modular Kitchens and Wardrobes

Godrej Interio has Modular Kitchens as well as wardrobes and other furniture.

Godrej does deal with steel modular kitchens, however, they also provide MDF solutions as well.

I have seen steel modular kitchens,  in their showroom located at Marathahalli, Bangalore, where the doors of the drawers are made of MDF and all internal stuff is made of steel, which I think would last for years (10 to 20 years). However, one of the co-visitors mentinoed to me that, the moisture in the kitchen might make them get rust easily. I don't rule out this fact but this is a baseline statement without a proof. However, I fogot to check with the showroom guys whether the steel is rust proof.

Similar I saw one ice-land module in the showroom, the skeleton was all made of steel, the top platform was made of granite and the doors were made of MDF. It did not sound wow, but the durability (I guess it should) and light-weightness might make it a wow.

Their steel wardrobs are excellent and to  my surprise they provide the top-row (loft) as well. For one room, it is costed me about Rs. 100,000/- INR.

You can visit their website for updated list of catalog. - http://www.godrejinterio.com/

Disclaimer: I am a customer of Godrej Interio and I got the wardrobs of all three bedrooms got done by them.


I just went through their website and found that they provide GI kitchens.

GI is Galvanized Iron, the same material that is used to make the plumbing metal pipes, which never get rust inspite of fully water environment.

Please do leave a comment if you own any Godrej Modular Kitchen or Wardrob so that it migth be helpful for the fellow readers. Be genuine, good or bad.

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I am buyer of godrej modular kitchen and wardrobes from ahmedabad , gujarat.Recently i bought godrej interio kreation wardrobes worth rupees 1,52,000rupees with cupboards and modular kitchen worth rupees 1,65,000rupees from ahmedabad godrej showroom certified vichhech.At first i am clearing you i bought 2 quantity 4doors wardrobes both having major problems like steel is cutted from bottom and 3 doors are came without painted out f 8 doors.Hinges they send us from hettich is corroided.Second major problem is godrej interior told me you will get your size of wardrobe ,actually my 2nd floor of home , in my room i increased 4 inch RCC slab and i told him to take measurement of it.He came at my home and took 4 times measurements.And after 3 months actually we ordered them about 3 lac 20thousand stuff altogether.And we paid jim half amount according to godrej is 1lac 80thousand 60%.
After 3 months they delivered me 3 without sprayed doors and major faults like frames are chopped from bottom and inside frames is someone cutted steel like someone scrached deeply inside steel we founded.Plus 2 lockers inside is not working both 1 drawer is not painted and broken from middle.
Godrej interior told me to replace those both doors within 15 days , this is six months still they didnt delievered.After getting money they are king.And we paid them money because we believed in his talk , we believed that he will replace it and reputed compamy wont do it.
Then we are calling them on customercare from 6 months no one is came at my home.And everytime they promising us for coming man.See godrej didnt have physical customercare where you can talk this matter face to face.
Now on just 2 years , my wardrobe is corroided from back completely.Now talk about modular kitchen worth rupees 1,65,000rupees .I got delivered modular kitchen things at same time of delivering the wardrobe new things at my home.He told me after deal is done , that you will bring your civilwork man.Like breaking walls , plaster walls boy , plumbing all he was drained on us.
But when we submit deal at that time godrej interior lied to me that "uncle koi tention mat lo hum log kitchen tod bhi dege aur hodrej ka mal saman lagva bhi dege 6 din me".He lied yo me before i paid money for godrej deal.
I bring my civil work mans , i just absent in my work from 5 days and my boss just kicked me out from my job for this.
Now what happened after wardrobe work i stopped him and dont wanna pay another money.From 1st day to the last day he(godrej interior) never came at my home for each day.
Now what happened he is sending his man for bringing cheque of another 40% payment.Now when i showed his man that 3 doors are not painted 2 lockers are not working and major faults in steel , he acted to call that interio and he promised me to change those things in just 15 days.Then i gave him 40% remaining cheque and he took it.
Then on the nextday, my civil work of kitchen is completed which costed me 30,000more , with washbasin , godrej dont provide washbasin so.I just made granite with my payments which costs me 14,000rupees and other things like power.point and.RO system and plumber took my other 16,000rupees woth chimney.
Now he broken packs of kitchen doors , kichen doors delivered is like one is red colour , one is green colour which i dont ordered with.Here out of 12 doors 3 doors are not painted and other 9 doors are like all other colours.
I again called godrej interior , went to his shop.He wasnt at shop at that time.Then we stopped work completely.I'm finding that interior from 3 days in his godrej shop.Either he will see in cctv camera and hide in his shop or he told his man if those guys will come then tell me to the his officeboy.Like from 3 days 6 visits in his shop , he didnt founded.
On the nextday , i called him from.4 other numbers and told him to come at my home for.replacing kitchen stuffs also in mild tone.
He again send his man, and told me lemme finish your work.I told him you will install rainbow colours in my kitchen?this isnt my fault.And 3 doors are not painted.
Then i checked in my bank., i founded he know this is his mistake and he send me 3 doors unpainted and other doors are from each colour choices like rainbow which i didnt chosed.He done already transaction within 3 days when he was hiding in his shop.
I just went to the my office, my boss kicked me off ,because of this godrej interior.
See now all things are there where he putted stuff , i just painted my kitchen walls and.granite is installed.Still i am.without storages and those doors are.still at my home.
Where i complaint?where i go? I am helpless.I just lost my 3 lacs and work is not completed.Calling on customercare they are promising me from 6 months that man will come at your home.No physical customercare where i can talk with him.
This is real face of godrej interio , just talk and talk and i cant take legal action on them because of company's turm and conditions.
I just lost my job and i made money that 3lacs from my job , and my family is not rich , i am poor middleman.And just see jow godkrej will lose his company ,in next 3 years.Because of no one will swallow if you looted from him.
And i dont know my words are true from when i born.My mother told me you having god's tongue or someone say it black tongue .Whatever words coming from my mouth was happened in my past.
I donno god gave me gift , this will destroy gokrej company from inside.And this is not my words , you can see customercomplaints in consumer forum online.
Gokrej just forget what are they , when i know this company was transformed like this afer 2012.Because of customer complaints are rised like disaster.
So dont fall into this type of company for kitchekn.
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Delay is something that we often find with Godrej.
They have the brand-name, but they are not able to do the quality checks and deliver the stuff on time.
In my case, wardrobes for 3 rooms were delivered with 1 month delay. After that installation was quick, not a very good quality work done. I had to call them a couple of time for follow-up (one of the drawers (lockers) were not perfectly working so I asked them to replace.

But at the end, everything is set and I am happy with their product.