Did Cisco fire NDS employees, acquired in August 2012?

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asked Aug 4, 2012 by anonymous
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Is Cisco firing 4000 engineers? Are they from India?

Old question:
There are rumors that Cisco has fire 600 employees today. If any one know more, please clarify.
commented Aug 22, 2015 by Janakiram
Oops!! Cisco sold its software business to Technicolor for just $550 million, which it bought years back for a total cost of USD 6.9 Billion.

Cisco claims that it had made USD 27 Billion in revenues since it entered the CPE (Consumer Premises Equipment) business years ago.

What will be fate of Cisco Videoscape business?


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answered Aug 15, 2013 by anonymous
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The CEO of Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO), John Chambers, yesterday, in the Q4 review, reaffirms that the outlook is strong for the next fiscal, but announced around 5% job cuts (or 4000) to achieve a growth of 3-5% in the next fiscal. This workforce removal is going to happen in the next two quarters (anytime from today for the next 6 months) globally. Cisco has just completed global performance apprisal process and the majority of this 5% might include those who did not perform upto the expectations in the recent performance apprisal.
commented Sep 6, 2013 by Jagadish Chettar
Cisco fired more than 50 employees who could not clear background checks, especially the ones who joined NDS with fake experience. This includes both permanent employees and contract employees.
It is rumored that around 400 employees will be removed from ex-NDS India, whose strength was around  2000 when Cisco acquired NDS.
Even there are rumors that Microsoft might fire employees from thenewly acquired Mobile giant, NOKIA for 6bn Euros.
We need to wait and see the corporate game.
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answered Aug 4, 2012 by anonymous

See, Cisco has already acquired NDS. So, now, there is nothing like, NDS on its own. NDS is now part of Cisco.

Yes, there is a news today that Cisco sacked 600 employees as part of their business and cost alignment. Cisco want to focus on profitable business and cut down on overlaps that are quite common in any merget or acquisition.

Business Line published on their website that of these 600 employess, 200 are from the recently acquired Video company, NDS.

More authentic information here: http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/industry-and-economy/info-tech/article3723511.ece?ref=wl_industry-and-economy

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This looks to be a rumor. Cisco's top bosses have clarified, later, that, this is merely a rumor and requested media and its employees to stop the rumor mill.
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Why should Cisco fire employees? I am asking this, because I am feared that it might fire employees of Sourcefire also, if at all cisco acquires this.
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answered Aug 6, 2012 by anonymous
No, it is a rumour only, till now no one has been fired.
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answered Aug 9, 2012 by rams (853 points)

This news has inaccuracies and a correction has been published in the same news website, http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/industry-and-economy/info-tech/article3741709.ece

Below is the new published:

Cisco Systems has clarified that the global restructuring exercise announced on July 21 does not impact employees of NDS, recently acquired by Cisco.