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I had lots of expectations that Modi would help India in lifting the lifestyles of the below middle-class and the poor.
I hardly see any action so far in that direction.

What is really stopping Narendra Modiji in kickstarting something to improve the lives of low-income sector - which constitute the majority of India.

Kindly don't use the words "party", "elections", "religion", "hindu", "muslim"  and "vote-bank" please.  I really wanted to know the real cause that is blocking him doing it.

Guess-work welcome!!
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I think, as of 2015, Modi's primary goal is to lift the poor by providing more job opportunities by pulling more investments and thus improve the industrial growth.

At the same time, the development of any country depends on the quality of education the masses get. However, this is a long-term gain and I hope Modi wouldn't overlook this.

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May be the short term  goals of providing employment is more important. The success in this step may ensure that the children of the employed will go to school.

Any other thoughts?
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