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Some batteries mention its rating in mAh, (for example 2500mAh) and some batteries mention its rating in Watt-Hour. Which one really represent the energy stored in the battery, mAH or Watt-Hour? Does mAh rating represent the capacity of the Battery?

How do I interconvert between the two units?
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Yes, it does, for a given voltage and current rating.

mAH does denote the amout of power the battery holds.  It is basically  represents how much current can be drawn in 1 Hour of time. In other words, how long the 100% recharged battery lasts when drained at 1 milli AMP.

Typically, a quadcore mobile, when not used (screen switched off and not playing any music) would draw power as low as 25mA. A 1000mAh battery would last for 40hours on such mobile, when not used actively (1000mAh = 25mA x 40 hours).h
The Higher the mAH rating, the more is the duration of the battery with a single recharge.

Batteries of mAH rating of 900mAh to 3500mAh are not uncommon. A reasonable power banks typically hold anywhere between 5000mAh to 25000mAh.

The manufacturing cost of good quality Li-ion or Li-po battery would cost ₹5 per 100mAh (or $0.1 per 100mAh). It would approximately cost ₹1000 for 20,000mAh battery.
Companies like Xiomi hardly make money with its ₹999. 10400mAh power bank.

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Given the same voltage (typically 3.7 volts for a mobile battery), the capacity of the battery (or the battery-backup) is directly proportional to mAH.  ie., A 4000mAH battery would give double the battery backup compared to a 2000mAH batter under similar circumstances.
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