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I am just wondering how much will be internet speed of a typical consumer in India. What about Villages and Cites? Is it still a big difference.
I assume BSNL dial-up connections are no more existings.
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Internet connection speeds in India

According to a worldwide internet bandwidth (internet connection speed) consumer survey done by Akmai in the year 2014, the company collected over 17 million sample in India and the average broadband connection speed in India was estimated to be 1.5Mbps (mega bits per second), which is 187 KBps (Kilo bytes per second). 1 Byte = 8 bits.

However, the average peak speed was estimated to be 10.9 Mbps, that is about a bandwidth of 1.4 mega bytes per seconds. This would take around 8 minutes to download a movie. But do note that this is peak bandwidth and this internet speed wouldn't have lasted for long time. 

You can also see the results of the latest bandwidth survey of worldwide internet bandwidths here.


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