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English usage - momentum, moment and movement
I see most common people use these words interchangeably. But I don't think that is right. Since these words are frequently used in Cricket commentary, I though we need to get clarity on usage of these English words.
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Movement - is moving from one  place to another.


  1. We moved to Bangalore. ie., We relocated to Bangalore.
  2. Move your a**.

Moment is the "time" being referred to. eg., "this is the happies moment in my life".

Momentum is a physics term, which is defined as a product of mass and velocity.

momentum == mass * velocity.

For example, it is very difficult to stop a fast moving car or a very heavy vehicle even if it moves slow.

But this word has become common in spoken English, which refers to the same meaning. In spoken English, moment is mostly associated with flow or speed, especially referts to the uninterrupted flow.

For example, "if the batsman keeps up his momentum, he could finish of a century in just 80 balls."


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