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Though it might sound quite routine, the right answer to this question is "it all depends!". Depends on which university or institute you are from. If you are experience, it also depends on your salary in the previous organization.

The salary for SDE-I is generally Rs. 14,00000/- per annum, when hired from campus. SDE-II are never hired from campus straightaway, but they are generally experienced - typically 3 years to 9 years. SDE-II are paid above 20,00000/- when newly hired. But if you have been promoted from SDE-I to SDE-II internally, you might get slightly less.

Number of years of Experience vs Role

1 - 5 years - SDE-I

3 - 13 years - SDE-II

7 - 20 years - SDE-III (or Senior Software Development Engineer)

10 - 25 years - PE (ie., Principal Engineer)

15 - 25 years - Senior Principal Engineer

You can notices a wide range of expence levels mapped to designation. You will understand this concept when you understand that no two individuals in this world are same.

(I am an SDE at Amazon and I have many friends here. So I could compile this answer easily)

PS: The salaries I've mentioned are excluding stock options.

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