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What is the avg. height of a new born baby boy of Indian origin. Also, what is avg height of a baby girl. Please provide the ideal birth weight of babies of Indian origin.
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It might be correct for me to start with saying congratulations!!

New Born Boy in India:

Average height of a new born baby boy is 50 cm  (ie.,  1 feet 8 inches). But, it is quite normal if the baby is born with a length between 46 cm and 53 cm (ie., 1' 6'' to 1' 9")

A new born baby boy weights about 3.5 kg. However, it is perfectly normal to have new born baby boys weighing from 2.5 kg to 4.3 kg.

New Born Girl in India:

The average heights and weights of a new born baby girls is more or less the same as that of a new born baby boys. A new born girl is of length 49cm on an average, with a common ragge from 45cm to 53cm (ie., 1' 6" to 1' 9"). The weight can range from 2.4 kg to 4.2kg. The average weight of baby girl is 3.4 kg, ie., 100 grams less than that average weight of a new born boy.

Kindly leave a comment, with the birth weight and height of your new born baby.

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Girl - bangalore - 3.16KG
Girl - Hyderabad 4.2kg