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I want to use Synergy only for non-commercial use, for a short period of time? How can I get synergy downloaded to my Mac and how many days can I use it without registration?
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Synergy is a software used for sharing one keyboard and one mouse across two or more computers. I use it for sharing the keyboard and mouse connected to Ubuntu desktop with my macbook.

If you just want to try, you can download one of the nightly builds (prefer release candidates "rc") from http://synergy-project.org/nightly

Since these are the builds that have not yet been released, beware of security vulnerabilities associated with them and do not use the nightly builds if you are working with sensitive material.

Trial (or nightly builds) of Synergy works for at least more than one month.

If you are working with sensitive info, buy professional version of synergy (Synergy Pro) and enable/use the SSL feature available in the version.

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Free latest download for Synergy. https://afzaalace.github.io/synergy-stable-builds/
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