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There are a lot of things to consider.

Do you have a retirement plan? How do you want to retire once you stop working?

IMHO, financially, government job with decent salary (even if it is half or 1/3rd of the developer salary) is good for living. When I say, decent, sufficient enough to lead a comfortable life with your family, after paying medical-insurance and life-insurance. The post-retirement benefits of a govt. job can't be compared with a private job.

However, there will be lots of opportunities to grow if you start your career as a developer. If you are good at reasoning and at logical thinking and solving problems, then I would recommend you pick the developer job, enjoy in the field for few years.

If you have any aspiration to help others and grow together, you can think of starting a business of your interest. If this is your interest, then I would suggest, work in a private company (developer job is good enough) for a couple of years, do hardwork and learn the end-2-end basics, requirement, demand, production, consumption and learn about the importance of a quality product/service and then start your business.
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