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I am searching best jewellery store in Australia from where I can buy a unique engagement ring. I want to know about Robert young Jewellery stores. Is it good jewellery store? Please give me information of that and also all about others jewellery stores located in Australia.
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Tata brands Tanishq has good designs. Making charges are more compared to other jewellers in India. But Tanishq has lot of designs. Be it Mia or traditional wear.

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i have used them. they are good people.
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May be you can experiment with it. From the trend that I see is that they are trying to grab as many number of customers as possible by all means.
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My diamonds got crushed into powder. 

This is NOT about Robert Young Jewlellary Stores in Australia.

This is about my experience at Tanishq Jewellery stores at Koramangala, Bangalore.

I do like the design of Tanishq at the price that they offer. They charge around 25% as making charges (including wastage and labour charges). I have also got attracted to their diamonds and started buying diamond jewellery as well.

However, to my surprise, the diamond in one of the diamond rings got broken. In fact, it has got crushed and it has become like powder (what you call it in Hindi, choor hogaya?). Then I approached the Tanishq stores in Koramangala, Bangalore, where I bought the item. The shop manager was suspecting that I gave the ring for service elsewhere and somebody would have changed the diamond. I got really upset with the response.

First of all I really got surprised how a diamond can get crushed into powder.

I still don't suspect TATA, because they are always humble and cheating is never their business. I know how much service TATA had done to India. They have so many industries providing employment to millions of people in India and set up high-quality educational institutions (IISc Bangalore). So, what I am concerned about it the quality check that they do when they procure stuff and they should take strict measures to stop any foul-play of their employees in their manufacturing units.

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