How much does it cost to bring TataSky HD home? Especially the monthly recurring costs?

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asked Dec 25, 2015 by Chetan
I have a Tata Sky SD (Standard Definition) DTH STB at home. I already have an HD LCD TV. So, much does it cost start using HD channels? What will be the monthly recurring charges?

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answered Dec 25, 2015 by Sonakshi

As of January 2016, TataSky HD basic STB costs ₹1800/-, which includes standard installation.

This includes

  • 10mtrs of cable
  • dish
  • LNB
  • 1080i capable HD Set-Top-Box. 

There is nothing called HD pack in TataSky, where you get all the HD (high-definition) channels. To start viewing HD channels, you need to pay monthly HD-Activation fee of ₹175. Once you activate this, you will get view the channels that you have already subscribed to in your base-pack. DO NOT ASSUME YOU WILL GET ALL HD CHANNELS

So, this is like, paying ₹2100 extra per year only to enable HD content that you have already paid for to view in SD.

In summary, your monthly recurring cost is ₹175 per month.

Refer to official description here: