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When I booked a ticket in IRCTC online, the status was WL, but now, after chart preparation, that status is shown as SX1/69. What does this mean? Does it mean it is confirmed?
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16591 Hampi Express today sx1 coach
It just means that they have added an extra bogie... Even I had got the same ticket  for my Hampi express, saying Sx1/2. Which meant that Sx1 coach, placed at the end of the train and seat number 2...

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Yes it is. It is confirmed. SX1 is an extra sleeper coach added to meet the rush in peak days. So, your status is CNF and enjoy your journey.

The location should be either before S1 or after the last coach (S12?), but it is very very unlikely chances that SX1 would be located in the middle of sleeper coaches.

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25th Dec 2015 - Yeshwanthapur Station: SX1 was the last compartment. They have attached it after guard's compartment.
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