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I've bought an Aqua Guard RO + UV water purifier. However, I understand, as per manual that I need to clean the purifier and disinfect the tank and stuff. Could you please point to me to  the right documentation and the method to clean the water purifier?
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Thanks for the excellent and very useful question. Many of us would like to know how to periodically maintain and disinfect the water purifiers in hygienic manner.

Any water-purifier with storage tank, be it 1L, 5L or more, it requires periodic cleaning. The recommended way to clean and disinfect the purifier is as below. This is applicable to Eureka Forbes, Zero-B and other popular brands.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Water Purifiers

The method used for disinfection is same as how we disinfect potable water (ie., drinking water),  but the dosage used for chlorination is higher for cleaning purpose. Below are the short and crisp steps that you can follow to clean your water purifier every 30 days. I have divided the steps to as many simple steps as possible to keep the procedure simple.

  1. Switch off the water purifier and unmount the purifier/water-tank.
  2. Empty all the water by opening the tap. If tilting is possible, you can also empty the residual water from the tank by tilting the purifier. However, tilting is not possible with many permanently fixed purifiers. In that case, use a clean cloth (preferably, washed and dried a day ago or disinfected cloth) to suck and remove the residual water.
  3. Clean the inner surfaces that generally comes in contact with the water with a clean and dry cloth.
  4. Switch on the water purifier and let the system operate and let the tank be filled completely.
  5. Switch off the water purifier once the water tank is full.
  6. Put a disinfectant tablet in the water tank of the purifier that has full water. You can buy them online or at a medical shop.
  7. Leave for 30-mins to 1 hour for the tablet to dissolve and disinfect the water along with the inner-surfaces. Throw the water after use.
  8. CAUTION: Do not drink this water. Detach the water tank or purifier so that kids won't accidentally open the tap and drink, which is very dangerous. Empty the water by opening the tap of the water filter. Do not use this water for any purpose. If someone by chance drinks this concentrated chlorinated water, call medical emergency service (ambulance) immediately.
  9. Switch on the water purifier. Now you can start using the water purifier. Importantly, do not clean the inner surface again - that will contaminate the inner surfaces.
  10. The first tank of purified water might smell chlorine, so you might want to discard the first  tank of purified water out by opening the tap.

Where can I buy disinfectant tablets in India?  Buy this on Amazon.

Disinfectant Tablets to clean water purifier

You can also buy Ef-Chlor 67mg Tablets from any medical shop or any online retail websites.  I bought Ef-Chlor 67mg for my 5L water tank of the RO + UV water filter (model: Dr. Aquaguard Magna HD RO + UV). Buy generally double more powerful tablets, since we are always discard the disinfected water. If you buy the disinfectant tablets on line, it can be delivered to your door-steps, to many cities viz., Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Nagpur, Vizag and many places in India.

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what if we drank this water? we forgot  that we should not use this. and even we did not remember if we used it or not? please reply asap
but this .method will only clean the pure water tank and tab, how to disinfect the filter and the inlet of water
What about cleaning hydrostatic water tanks like those  used in undersink models, these tanks are almost completely sealed.
Cleaning inlet and filter?  I don't think you have to worry about it, since water-filter's UV module would kill any germs (bacteria) in the water post filtering and before pumping the purified water to the tank.

All that you should take care is that water, once filters, shouldn't come in contact with germs again - that's why we clean the water tank.
@kashish, it's a risk that we take and we should not forget to empty the tank post disinfection.

It would be bad for the stomach depending on how many tablets you put in the tank. 167mg is meant for around 25L-40L of water. So, it would be extremely DANGEROUS to consume over-chlorinated water.
Are you cleaning your pipes connecting your taps??
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At the time of buying they give 6 tablets 1 per each month. You can buy the same once those are over.
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