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how do we change set top box details of Digicard No. and Set Top Box No.?
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I did not really get your question.
Set-top-box generally, means a STB (the box) and a smartcard (digi-card). So, when you change both of them, it means, you are completely changing the Set-top-box.

Are you trying to upgrading to HD / HD PVR and you don't want to use the old set-top-box and you don't want to pay the installation fee of the new Set-top-box?

If that is the case,  I really double TataSky would allow you changing that without paying-installation fee. However, if you escalate the call to Senior level, it can be done. (In my account, I have two in-active boxs (One SD, one SD PVR) and one active box (HD PVR). I did not pay installation feel when I upgraded to HD PVR box.
I guess, you should call-up customer care and explain your problem why you want to do this.

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Call this TataSky Toll free number 1800 208 6633 and request them for the change that you need. Preferably, call from the registered phone number. It doesn't matter it is a mobile phone or a landline.

I earlier merged (by calling that number) two different Tata Sky set-top-boxes of mine into a single account for the sake of convenience.
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