Khaidi Number 150 Songs

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asked 5 months ago by anonymous
What are all the songs in Khaidi Number 150? What is their order in the movie and what is the situation?

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1 Answer

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answered 5 months ago by kamal

Khaidi Number 150 Songs

Below are a the five songs from Chiranjeevi's Khaidi Number 150, released so far.

  1. Sundari Song:
  2. Ammadu, Let's Do Kummudu Song:
  3. You and Me (the melody song):
  4. Rathhaalu Song:
  5. Neeru Neeru Neeru (water):

The situation is not yet know  except for for Sundari (before love), You and Me (love song) and Neeru, Neeru.. goes with the story-line, can be in the middle of the movie during difficult times.