Which phone is good at call quality (speaker and microphone) under ₹10K?

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asked 11 months ago by Rashmi
I would like to gift a mobile phone to my mom. She doesn't play high-end games, so I guess a good 2GB or 3GB phone with 32GB storage and importantly a phone with good call-quality - which no one mentioned in the specifications.

Please suggest a phone (with number pad or without - with touch screen or without). Since I don't need a high-end phone, I am limiting the budget to ₹ 10K (ten thousand rupees).
commented 11 months ago by anonymous
Please suggest a VoLTE phone as well.

1 Answer

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answered 10 months ago by anonymous
As of Feb 2017,  Redmi 3s or Redmi 3s Prime is best phone under Rs 10000.