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If yes, how can I tweak Nokia 3310 to make it work with Reliance Jio? Does the new Nokia 3310 feature phone really support Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE network?  If not, why can't it support Jio?
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I wish the reentry of the legend Nokia 3310 mobile phone supported VoLTE so you could put a reliance Jio SIM card in it. Unfortunately it doesn't support 4G VoLTE, doesn't support NVC - Native Video Calling and it doesn't support 4G at all. We must remember that 4G VoLTE requires lots of batter while the new revamped Nokia 3310 was built to be used as a standby (SOS) phone with batter life of at least two days with a couple of hours of phone use per day.

If you want to use Jio on a basic phone, wait till November 2017. Reliance and Google are collaboratively working on a connected feature phone, especially for Indian market with digital penetration as a goal. It would have a light-weight Android, so there will be support for basic and important apps. No, you will not be able to run the the 3D games - eg. NFS and Asphault.

If WhatsApp collaborates with the team, you might expect WhatsApp to run on this Jio feature phone, but this is unlikely to happen and Reliance and Google wouldn't want to endorse WhatsApp barring their own messaging applications.
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here is why..


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