Zhengzhou breakthrough construction siege SBM offer good policy

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News background: Recently, Henan Daily "Zhengzhou overpass, along the four-ring, the Yellow River embankment and so on are construction garbage invasion" article, aroused the concern of the majority of the media. Zhengzhou again encountered garbage siege, in the face of such a phenomenon, where the construction waste from where? Construction waste to the city caused by the troubled, in recent years with the accelerated process of urbanization, increasing. Then Zhengzhou, how both classical and modern, in the construction of garbage in the tight encirclement?
Garbage siege is every city in the development process, there will be difficulties. This dilemma in China's second and third tier cities is especially prevalent in the phenomenon. We take Zhengzhou, for example, playback of garbage construction site to see how the construction of garbage in Zhengzhou is how to exist in the corner of the city?
Lens one: in Zhengzhou Navigation Road and West Third Ring Road intersection, overpass northwest corner of the stack of a lot of nobody cares of construction waste.
Lens II: Zhongzhou Avenue and North Fourth Ring intersection, east to the overpass, you can see the south side of the road construction garbage mountain endless.
Lens three: the Yellow River levee has long been known as the North Garden of Zhengzhou. But in the Yellow River embankment and Huimin Street intersection of the southwest corner, construction waste not only occupied most of the basketball courts, and the height of these garbage nearly 4 meters.
It is understood that most of these construction waste is not filmed black slag car, all the way to avoid inspection, secretly dumped over. Endless construction waste crusher, has been on the urban environment, residents have a serious impact on the survival. So, according to the current situation, Zhengzhou want to move forward better, then the construction of garbage siege, is an urgent problem to be solved.
As early as a few years ago, SBM machinery began to work on construction waste crusher equipment research and development work. And in 2008, the construction of science and technology construction waste demonstration production line, in Chengdu Dujiangyan through national acceptance. SBM machinery from the construction waste crusher equipment, leading the domestic machinery industry's technical level.
By 2014, SBM machinery construction waste crusher equipment has developed quite mature, the current total of crawler mobile crushing station, tire mobile crushing station, fixed mobile crushing station and other construction waste crusher station, construction waste crusher technology far away Ahead of international standards. Mobile crushing station can be broken into aggregate construction waste, used for recycling of construction materials, and made of green brick, concrete bricks, etc., the real realization of turning waste into treasure, to promote the development of green recycling economy, so that mobile crushing station, absolute Is the first choice for urban breakout construction siege.

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