How to delete albums and downloaded songs from Saavn Pro account? (Undownload from Saavn)

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asked 5 months ago by Roma
I have downloaded a few songs for offline listening from my Saavn (aka Saavan) pro account. After that I've changed my mobile. Surprisingly in my new mobile, all the downloaded songs are listed and is prompting for a sync.
However, I don't want to download all the songs in my new mobile, as most of them are old and I don't listen to them frequently.

In fact, I want to start a fresh. But there doesn't seem to be an option in Saavn to delete all the earlier downloaded songs.

In show, how do I un-download songs from my Saavn app?

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answered 5 months ago by rams (853 points)
I went to settings --> Downloads and --> Clear all downloads to undownload songs from Saavn android app.