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I am considering to purchase a cellphone. Could you please suggest the 2019 best mobile phone available w.r.t. features and value for money phones? Include all the price ranges.
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Best Mobile Phones for 2019

I have a listed a set of mobile phones in various price ranges under each section below.

Entry level flash ship phones for 2019

Below are the entry level flagship  mobiles - recommended for people who don't play 3D games (eg. shooting games) much, but play simple games like Candy Crush, Cut-the-rope etc.
  • Redmi 6A (2GB RAM, 16GB ₹6,000, 32GB ₹7000) 32GB Model is recommended. View Redmi 6A
  • Huawei Y9, 4GB RAM, 64GB ₹16,000/-) | View this model

Expensive Flagship Mobiles

Below mobiles are very powerful. They are needed if you are a heavy user phone - such as 3D Game playing or shooting videos in 4K or always require high-quality photos.
  • Honor View 20 (6GB RAM, 128GB Storage) at ₹38000/-  | view the model
  • OnePlus 6T 8GB RAM, 128 GB at ₹42,000/-  256GB at ₹46000/- | View OnePlus 6T models 
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