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What is the height of mahesh babu, the Telugu film actor
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Mahesh Babu's Height = 6' 3.2" = 1.91 meter

The height of the famous tollywood actor, Mahesh babu, who played the lead roles in most of his films, is 1.91 meter or  6 feet and 3.2 inches.  

Amitab Bacchan is shorter than Mahesh babu, by 1.2 inches  (ie., 6 feet 2 inches). 

Abhishek Bacchen is shorter than both Mahesh babu and Amitab Bacchen. The height of Abhishek bacchan is 6" 1'

It is his height that makes this 40 year old hero, stand unique in tollywood.

Mahesh Babu has done several Telugu movies, the first movie being Needa, done in the year 1979 at the age of 4 and another eight movies as a child artist. Rajakumarudu was his debut movie in a lead role and he has won a Nandi Aware for the same. As of 2014, he has acted 20 movies in a lead role. This count includes his upcoming films "1" and Aagadu, which are scheduled to be released in the year 2014. His height has always been an added advantage to him, in addition to his born innocent nature.

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